Supplements without toxic diet culture- Can it be done? Lets find out!

I recently agreed to assist a colleague in her upcoming masterclass. It’s a Doterra supplements masterclass with a focus on Doterra’s Cleanse and Restore kit.

Photo shows the supplements used in the Cleanse and Restore kit.

She wanted me on board because she wants to do something not being done right now and I have expertise in anti dieting, relating to her goal.

You see, she wants to provide a supplements masterclass for people like her.

  • People who might identify as fat AND have zero desire to change that.
  • People who know losing weight is not the thing.
  • People who understand diet culture and how patriarchal and racist it is.
My amazing colleague Georgia smiling at afternoon tea in the sun at my house, with a stunning blue and yellow tunic on

I’m not gonna lie, I had to consider it deeply and spent 3 hours on a call discussing it with her and asking tough questions before agreeing to provide my support.

Why? Because typically these kinds of challenges/masterclasses are drenched in harmful diet culture, healthism, ableism, racism and anti-fat rhetoric.
We hear the word cleanse and we imagine juicing regimes, restrictive eating, weight loss goals, weigh ins, before and after pictures, etc.

Doterra’s cleanse and renew kit is actually not any of those things, and weight loss in not mentioned once as an aim for the kit, however as a company they certainly have a strong hand in the continuing harm being caused and via the advocates that provide these types of challenges from a cishet white straight bodied slant.

However, I am also a Doterra advocate and so is my colleague and we all get to choose the ways in which we represent.

For example while other Doterra advocates and Doterra themselves promote grapefruit oil to ‘increase weight loss motivation’ and ‘support a healthy metabolism’

I promote its emotional uses, massaging your beautiful body for self acceptance and joy. Taking that time out to gently massage oil into those bumps on your thighs and soft folds of your belly. I love that its known as a ‘forbidden fruit’ and that I encourage my wonderful friends to use it to practice that other forbidden thing- radical change of mindset about those bits of us we find harder to love.

And this forbidden radical change of mindset is my colleagues aim too.

She wants people like her to know that they deserve to feel good and healthful in their own bodies exactly as they are right now.

I say people like her because I exist in a slim body and it is far easier for me to access wellness and fitness and medical needs and clothes and EVERY SINGLE other arena.

People like my colleague want to feel healthful and strong and well rested and less stressed and exist with less aches and pains, right now. In the body they have. Not once they’ve lost a few pounds, or once they’ve restricted their enjoyment of food, or participated in compensatory exercise or once they’ve punished themselves relentlessly for not fitting the racist, fatist agenda’s of diet and wellness culture.

That culture is one that I get to benefit from. A benefit I largely received due to existing at a smaller size due to Orthorexia and a benefit I continue to receive because my body remains within the parameters of what is acceptable, in the wellness and diet space since recovering. I also benefit because I am white and heterosexual. I’m a cis woman too but am often misgendered, as I’m fairly gender non conforming so am unsure how much benefit I recieve from that (I’m gonna guess its still a shit tonne)

Picture of Nici half smiling, sitting in her kitchen with her oversized blue glasses on and a green check shirt under a blue jumper.

Because of all of this, when someone comes at me with a radical idea of their own, I get super excited to use my privilege to help them achieve that. To ask how I can support them in that.

Supplements and cleanses have quite rightly got a reputation drenched in diet culture and we want a part in changing that.

This masterclass is about giving your gut a hug and that has zero to do with what shape, size or weight your body is. We know our gut biome is one of the most vital systems that assist in our immune health and that this has a direct impact on our sleep, stress, inflammation and more. So our focus is on that.

The masterclass is 5 weeks long and on the supplements side it is:

  • 30 days of supporting and promoting your body to function well.
  • 30 days of providing vitamins and minerals we often miss out on.
  • 30 days of supporting cell function.
  • 30 days of supporting digestion with enzymes and probiotics.
  • 30 days of soothing that digestion.
  • 30 days of supporting a healthy digestive tract.
  • 30 days of creating a balanced environment inside your body.

We also know that taking part in a supplements masterclass that doesn’t include weight loss and diet rhetoric as a goal is big!

So on top of the physical work of completing the supplements class, (ie taking the supplements in the right order on the right days and sticking with it!) We will be taking you on a journey of ensuring that you will be armed with a more beautiful relationship with the body you have, when you’ve finished.

You are worthy of love and respect. Full stop. And our aim is to support you in getting to a place of knowing that in your heart and having a circle of people around you who can celebrate that.

We will be sharing HAES and anti diet activists to revolutionalise your social media.

We will be sharing tools and resources to support you on your journey into body neutrality, acceptance, joy or respect (where ever you are at)

Coupling supplementation with anti dieting is radical and it sends the message that every body deserves and should have access to what helps them feel healthful, strong and energised.

Because the truth is, every body deserves that, but the other truth is that no body wants to provide it and there are far too many barriers in place preventing it.

If you would like to be a part of this or its poked your interest, you can ask my colleague Georgia Mulliss for more info on this link below.

Gut hug masterclass

I hope to see you there!

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