Yuletide- Courage

As always when I sit in this practice, the virtue of the day tends to float around in my space throughout the day.

As I reflect on the year that has passed, I’m acutely aware of how courage has probably sat centre stage for most of it and its bedfellow surrender, has held fast as the follow up act too!

I began the new turn of the wheel in surrender this time last year and that particular practice, takes courage. Masses of it.

You see having the courage to surrender for me, means actually seeing what it is you have been avoiding. It is not the act of rolling over and saying its all fine, but the act of seeing that snapshot, accepting how you feel about that and choosing.

Courage to accept doubts and fears.
Facing them and choosing how to move forward.

Courage to accepting change and choosing how to move forward.

Courage to accept your part in stuff from the year that has past and choosing how to move forward.

Courage to accept yourself in all aspects so that you can move forward as you.

And my word have I faced a lot this year and had the courage to surrender, accept and embrace, even if I shook while doing some of it.

We rarely give ourselves enough credit for all that we go through and manage to get back up with grace.

This year I’ve faced a return of some of my chronic illness, had lots of tests for horrendous kidney and womb stuff, my husband being made redundant, having to close my beloved business, not seeing my friends and family, supporting my children through a pandemic, having covid, being terrified covid would kill my son, navigating new rules, changing rules, worrying about family members, worrying about friends, navigating significant stuff with my eldest child, supporting my middle child in her schooling, supporting my youngest two in their home education, etc etc.

Its been A LOT. But I’ve faced it all with a quiet, sometimes loud courage and I have seen each of you do the same too.

Whether its been the courage to face difficult situations, heartbreaking moments, anxiety and fear, illness, or financial crap, you and I, we have faced it all.

And as we move into the new, we will continue onwards with the flame of courage and the wisdom of surrender to keep us company along the path.

Because in all things there must be balance and I feel we walk into the future with a clearer and deeper understanding of how we can achieve that.

Blessed Be.


1 thought on “Yuletide- Courage”

  1. OMG. Just read this after leaving a comment on your last blogs about Mother’s Night and Solstice Day.
    Are you reading my mind?
    It’s. like I just start thinking of an issue I have and Nici answers it :O 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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