Supplements review!

Backstory- I’ve used essential oils most of my life. From my mum burning tea tree in my bedroom when I had a cold, to using clary sage at the end of all of my pregnancies to assist with labour. I’ve used oils throughout my chronic illnesses and have always found them beneficial and supportive.

I chose to move over to using Doterra oils this year and haven’t looked back, in fact I’ve found them so much more helpful than the ones I had been using, that I became an advocate too. Below I’m sharing my honest opinion on the supplements Doterra sell because considering they are an essential oil company, their supplements are their biggest seller!

Doterra Life Long Vitality Supplements

After several chats with my upline over the last few months, I decided to give the supplements a go. Its now been a month since I decided to try them so thought I would have a look back over the month. I chose the Life Long Vitality supplements, with the Mito2Max and Serenity softgels.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much. I’ve taken various supplements over the years both over the counter and prescribed from the GP for deficiencies and while we are being honest, I also was secretly hoping I wouldn’t notice much of a difference because they arent the cheapest supplements out there!

Probably not the best start, hoping something doesn’t help but its where I was at and I was also experiencing some chronic pain symptoms returning too so was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I am not a fan of taking tablets so realising how many I would need to take for these, wasn’t a fun realisation either!

The life long vitality kit is made up of 3 separate supplements- Alpha CRS, xEO Mega and Microplex VMz.

Alpha CRS- cellular vitality

xEO Mega- omega complex

Microplex VMz- food nutrients

On top of that I chose Mito2Max which are an energy and stamina complex and the Serenity softgels which are Doterra’s restful complex. One full dose of each of the LLV’s is 4 tablets, so essentially 12 tablets over a day. Plus a dose of Mito2Max at 2 a day and Serenity softgels at 2 a day, totalled me up to 16 pills a day.

1 serving equalling a lot of pills to swallow!

For someone who isn’t a fan of taking tablets, that’s a lot of tablets to take voluntarily. Haha! But I decided I wanted to give it the best shot and see what happened.

I had been warned that some people get a bit of a digestive clear out when they start new supplements but I didn’t experience this at all thankfully! I separated the doses into morning and evening, but found I was feeling foggy headed. Separated them down again into morning, lunch and dinner…Still headachy and foggy headed. Increased how much I was eating before taking, nope. Still headachy yuck. 

Afer a week of feeling pretty drugged up hoping I would adjust, I decided to drop down to a half dose and this seemed to clear the side effects so I’ve maintained at a half dose since.

I now take 1 of each of the LLV and 1 Mito2Max with breakfast, then 1 of each of the LLV with dinner and 1 Serenity half hour before bed.

Despite the headache and groggy feelings, I noticed within days that I felt more energetic. The pain in my hands and neck/spine had lessened and I seemed to be sleeping more deeply. These have only continued to improve even with dropping to a half dose. I had worried that dropping down, might have made them less affective but actually it seems the full dose was just too strong for me and half dose suits me perfectly.

When you start the LLV you can fill out a questionnaire and then take the supplements for 30 days and retake. If you don’t notice an improvement, you can send the empties back to Doterra and get a refund. This was another bonus and one of the reasons I chose to give them a go, as I knew I could get my money back! What can I say, I have Scottish blood.

What is interesting is that I knew they were in fact, helping. But I didn’t realise how much until I redid the questionnaire this morning. I’ll share my before and after below but what it doesn’t include is the fact that I have had 2 periods during the 30+ days and have experienced zero hormonal migraines, (I have felt migrainy but not actually had any migraines develop) no PMDD symptoms, my cramps and aches have been lessened and all 4 of my children have had a horrendous cold and cough (not Covid-19) and I haven’t caught a sniffle (I usually catch anything within a 5 mile radius of a sneeze)

Coincidence? Maybe. So I asked my husband if he’s noticed any changes in me too. He noted I’m sleeping deeper and more easily, I’m less reactive and anxious and I’m much more at ease despite it having been pretty horrendous the last few weeks with my business closing and the emotional load of everything, including countrywide restrictions and a broken ankle! So much so that he’s going to start taking the Mito2Max too!

My before results were on 4th Oct are below. The picture shows 7 questions with a scale of 1-5. 1 being never me and 5 being always me. I’ve listed the questions and my answers below for those who cannot see or screenread the pictures.

1. My sleep is satisfying and I awake feeling rested. (1)

2. I live a life free of chronic aches and pains (1)

3. I have strong immune function and resist getting sick (2)

4. I am emotionally balanced and not stressed or anxious (2)

5. I have energy and vitality throughout the day (1)

6. My mental focus and memory are quick and sharp (2)

7. My skin and hair are healthy and beautiful. (4)

My answers today-

1. (4)

2. (4)

3. (5)

4. (4)

5. (4)

6. (4)

7. (3)

I’ve seen a pretty big improvement in every area, except for my hair and skin. I’m not sure why this would be, but my skin feels dry and a little itchy at the moment. Possibly the change in weather or the change of nutrients from taking the supplements? We shall see if it improves over the next few months because the benefits have outweighed the negatives for sure.

So, in summary- As much as I didn’t think they would help and I presumed it was more hype about the next great supplement to come along, They are pretty fucking great.

Everything has indeed improved while taking them and the biggest surprise was my immune system improving, which is definitely something we all need a little of right now. I’ve also remembered that trusting my body to tell me whats right for it is important and will continue on the half dose, which not only feels best but also alleviates some of my financial concerns over the cost too.

A month of all 5 supplements I’ve been taking would cost me £116 (if buying Mito2Max on special offer alongside LLV) but as I am taking a half dose it will be £58

And honestly, even at the full monthly price, I have to put my money where my mouth is and say I would find the money because for me, its made a massive difference.

The bonus of course is you can also try for 3o days and if you don’t see an improvement, you can get a refund. Which for me, makes it a no brainer.

From this supplement avoider and disbeliever to popping several a day and feeling the benefit, I recommend you give them a try!

**The chronic illnesses I have experienced are Fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, PMDD.

**I advocate for Doterra and gain compensation for enrolments under me. You’ll notice I haven’t suggested you sign up beciase that isn’t what this blog is about. This is an honest warts and all review of my experience of the products.

Massive love,


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